How it Works
  • A Bluetooth® connection is a bit like a data pipeline between devices. Because the pipeline has a maximum width, it can sometimes be difficult to flow large audio files through it.
  • aptX® solves the problem of sending pure audio wirelessly over Bluetooth® by reducing the size of the audio files so they can be squeezed through the wireless pipeline without affecting the sound quality.
  • Therefore, with aptX®, you can experience CD-like quality audio whenever and wherever you choose.
  • aptX® enables CD-like quality wireless audio because it solves the problem of sending the full music bandwidth over Bluetooth®.

Technical Details

The aptX® codec has been the secret weapon of the music industry, public broadcasters and film studios for many years because of its ability to deliver CD-like quality audio over Bluetooth®.

Bluetooth® is limited by a maximum available bandwidth so it’s not always suitable for delivering high quality audio.

aptX® has revolutionised the Bluetooth® Stereo listening experience by significantly reducing the bit rate without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues.

So, with aptX® you can enjoy pure wireless CD-like quality sound whenever and wherever you choose.

Outstanding Bluetooth® Stereo audio quality that faithfully reproduces the full audio bandwidth

Low audio coding delay that minimises latency and audio/video syncing issues

Backward compatibility that keeps the music flowing when aptX® is unavailable