Consistent, high-quality audio over Bluetooth®

About aptX

Qualcomm® aptX™ audio is a bit-rate efficient technology that ensures you receive the highest possible sound quality from your Bluetooth® audio device. We only authorise products to use the aptX logo once they have met our technology standards.

With aptX audio you can listen to music including streaming music from your favourite media services, without compromising on sound quality.

Key facts

We only issue the aptX logo to products that meet our technology standards

aptX is used to improve the audio quality in all kinds of products including wireless speakers, headphones and soundbars

aptX has been improving audio quality in pro-audio, broadcast and consumer applications for over 25 years


High performance, non-destructive compression algorithm

Supports 48kHz / 16bit LPCM audio data

Supports a latency of less than 130ms

Delivers CD-like audio quality