aptX audio enabled products

Airpulse A100

The A100 has an exquisite piano lacquer appearance, the sound designed by Phil Jones.

The A100 continues to use AIRPULSE's unique horn-loaded aluminum ribbon tweeter and a proprietory-designed 5-inch aluminum chassis low-distortion bass and mid-range driver.

It has a high efficiency Class D amplifier with DSP based signal processing system, powered by an also high efficiency switch mode power supply.

A100's system is a perfect combination of uniquely designed conventional loudspeaker and digital components of XMOS. Meticulous tuning work enables the A100 to accurately reproduce any type of music.

It supports multiple input methods of wireless Bluetooth, AUX, PC, USB and fiber optic. Frequency response ranges 52HZ to 40KHZ. It also supports HI-RES high-quality audio playback, and has obtained a HI-RES official certification, Well-known American TRANSPARENT brand name cable is used for internal connecting cable to ensure minimum signal loss.

The Bluetooth audio receiver is built on Qualcomm’s Bluetooth V5.0 chipset, which supports aptX decoder, and offers a far better audio playback quality than what a traditional Bluetooth SBC codec can present.

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