aptX audio enabled products

Airpulse A300

The A300 uses an AIRPULSE unique horn loaded ribbon tweeter, proprietary 6.5 inch low distortion mid and low frequency driver,
25mm thick high-strength MDF cabinet finished with solid wood veneer and quality furniture paint.

Inside is a high efficiency Class D amplifier incorporated with DSP based signal processing system, powered by an also high efficiency switch mode power supply.

The speaker system has multiple input selections, i.e. professional balanced input, optical and coaxial. USB interface of the system is based on XMOS XU216 chipset, which boasts to have upto 2000MIPS computing horse power. The system also supports Qualcomm®™ aptX audio technology.

With frequency range extended up to 40 KHz, the system meets the requirement set by JAS as to bear the HI-RES Audio logo.

To minimize signal loss, US made "TRANSPARENT" brand name cables is used for internal wire connections, expressing the pursuance for high quality audio representation of our design team.

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