beyerdynamic XELENTO wireless (2nd generation)

XELENTO wireless (2nd generation) – AN AUDIBLE PIECE OF JEWELLERY

The dynamic XELENTO wireless (2nd generation) in-ear headphones are a unique audible piece of jewellery, which make audiophiles‘ hearts beat faster. It is the result of acoustic expertise, engineering precision and a passion for outstanding quality – Made in Germany.

XELENTO wireless (2nd generation) makes the high-resolution sound experience incomparable. Driven by beyerdynamic‘s Tesla technology in its smallest design yet, the TESLA.11 driver lets music unfold in its full radiance. As Hi-Res Audio certified in-ear headphones, you enjoy the full soundstage of your favorite tracks in unparalleled resolution and depth, while remaining completely mobile. XELENTO wireless has a high-quality Bluetooth® 5.2 neckband that guarantees up to 14 hours of music enjoyment. Thanks to the selectable Enhancement Mode, nothing stands in the way of wireless hi-fi enjoyment. This is made possible by an additional digital-to-analogue converter with amplifier from the specialist AKM. In addition, the latest codecs such as Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, aptX™ Adaptive and LHDC ensure that high-resolution audio quality is also possible wirelessly.


Key aptX™ Adaptive Features

Adjusts performance based on environment

Crowded RF environments are no longer a worry. Wherever you are, enjoy the same high-quality sound.

Low-latency mode

Designed to support video and gaming, aptX Adaptive delivers a fully immersive experience.

Dynamically auto-adjusts

Adjusts to what’s playing on your device, be that videos, music or gaming to help eliminate connectivity issues.

Audio that simply works

No user control or configuration needed – a robust and consistently premium experience.