Enjoy the soundtrack to your workout with total freedom from wires

A glitch-free soundtrack

A glitch-free soundtrack

aptX is designed to help support the robustness of the Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and your truly wireless earbuds or wireless headphones. That means you experience less glitching and great sound quality, even when you move around or turn your head.

Battery life that lasts as long as you do

Battery life that lasts as long as you do

With aptX Adaptive on board, your wireless audio devices can adapt to match the content you’re listening to and what you are doing. This helps optimize and preserve your battery life, so that you can keep listening for longer. Plenty of aptX-enabled truly wireless earbuds can support 10+ hours of playback.

Features to look for

Some audio devices are water and sweat-proof, great for exercising indoors and out

No Wires

Exercise is better when you can move freely – truly wireless earbuds are perfect for this.


Some audio devices are water and sweat proof, great for exercising indoors and out.

Robustness with movement

Look for Bluetooth with Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive audio to make sure you get fewer audio glitches as you move.

Battery Life

Running out of battery mid-workout is a real problem. aptX can help to preserve the battery life of your wireless audio devices.

Featured aptX-enabled product for exercise

Sennheiser CX 350BT

By Sennheiser

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