Ultimate wireless sound for gaming

Low-latency Bluetooth audio

Low-latency Bluetooth audio

What you see on screen and hear on your audio device needs to be in-sync. aptX Adaptive is designed to deliver a latency of less than 90 milliseconds, which means you hear (and can respond to) what’s happening in near-real time.

Immersive sound

Immersive sound

Great sound quality means you get the most out of your mobile gaming experience. aptX is designed to preserve the integrity of the sound that’s sent from your smartphone to your headphones, so you can enjoy your game to the max.

Features to look for


The number one audio feature gamers need to know about – make sure your wireless audio devices can support a latency 90ms of less.

Truly Wireless

For mobile gaming on the go, truly wireless earbuds offer complete freedom from wires.

Great sound quality

Look for Bluetooth with Qualcomm® aptX™ audio to make sure you get superior sound quality.

Battery life

aptX Adaptive dynamically adjusts your Bluetooth connection depending on whether you’re gaming or not - this helps preserve the battery life of your wireless audio devices.

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